Gegenbauer Quince Vinegar 250ml


Fruit vinegar from the juice ripened quinces.


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Our quince-juice is produced by Günther Friedl in Burgenland (in the eastern part of Austria). It is composed of 75% pear quince named "Mammoth" and 25% apple quince named "Konstantinopler".

After the fermentation and a maturing period, we injected the wine with a pure cultured vinegar bacteria, whereby the temperature and the oxygen supply were constantly watched, to guarantee optimal living conditions for the bacteria. To obtain the highest quality, the perfect conditions must be met. After the fermentation period, the vinegar is stored in carboys, sediments are removed several times, and subsequently it matures in carboys.

The fruit itself already contains many different fruit acids, which, together with the vinegar acids and careful storage, later create a harmonious taste in the vinegar. The herbal aroma specific to this type of fruit distinguishes itself in a very noticeable way.

Quince vinegar, 5% acid

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Manufacturer Gegenbauer, Waldgasse 3, 1100 Vienna, Austria
Content in ml 250

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Gegenbauer Quince Vinegar 250ml

Gegenbauer Quince Vinegar 250ml

Fruit vinegar from the juice ripened quinces.