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  • Finkensteiner

    For more than 130 years, Finkensteiner has stood for delicious pasta creations from Carinthia. Lovingly, in the family business - partly by hand - over 90 different types of pasta produced.

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  • Gasteiner

    The Gastein mineral water comes from the depths of the high alpine, untouched mountains of the Hohe Tauern. The minerals and trace elements that it absorbs on its way through the mountains make it one of the purest mineral waters in the world - and that's exactly what you can taste!

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  • Gegenbauer

    Everything began in Vienna’s “Favoriten”-district, the company was founded by Ignaz Gegenbauer in 1929 where the still inexperienced future gourmet Erwin Gegenbauer at the age of only 14 left an opened bottle of fine wine in his room for a couple of days. The wine had become vinegar. Years later, after studying and travelling around the world, the charming Viennese began his new hobby: making vinegar from different sorts of wines

  • GÖLLES Manufaktur

    Alois Gölles Schnapps Distillery. The Gölles family has been cultivating orchards in the sunny hill country around Austria’s Riegersburg Castle for three generations. Since the beginning of the 1980s, they have specialised in manufacturing premium spirits by hand.

  • Hartls Öle

    We appreciate delicious food. We pay attention to healthy, wholesome products. We appreciate exquisite, handmade specialties. We promote diversity. We are committed to the best quality. We provide our customers with the finest oil.

  • Hink Pasteten Manufaktur

    Pate at the highest level from the traditional Viennese company Hink

  • Julius Meinl

    A brand with a long tradition. Since 1862, Julius Meinl has guaranteed coffee lovers the highest level of enjoyment and has established its status as Europe's first professional coffee roaster in a unique and highly successful coffee culture.

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  • Leschanz - Wiener Schokolade König

    The chocolate factory Leschanz is a Viennese traditional enterprise and is especially known for its originality and attention to detail.

  • Neber Honig

    The Neber family is keeping bees with passion, without ifs or buts. First it was just a hobby for Anton Neber, which he kept doing in line with nature. In the following years the wish arose to intensify the beekeeping business.

  • Ritonka

    All started with ketchup
    “My passion is to cook. To surprise and happy people with new culinary creations
    to do ”, says Christian Jeschke. One day I cooked ketchup for my friends for the first time for a barbecue evening.

  • Staud's Wien

    The Brand – the Secret
    Many have sought the secret of Staud´s. Yet the mystery ingredient is surprisingly easy to explain:


    The pleasure of Staud´s sweet and sour specialities simply comes from their own natural taste. Staud has nothing to add to nature´s naked truth. And as epicureans know, this is the ultimate experience.

  • Terra Mater

    An Austrian top-product - 100 % Premium-Juices

    Our Premium-Juices are made solely from sun-ripened fruits, grown and processed to preserve and enhance natural flavours to offer you an exquisite drinking experience. For these components only fully ripe, sun-kissed fruits will be used. Through a minimal addition of natural fructose, the osmosis process is initiated and constructs a vehicle for the value-determining flavors.


    Spices have long been culturally significant and have always had a fascinating appeal. In earlier times, they were even as treasured as gold. Although spices are no longer as costly, they are still associated with rich history, cultures and knowledge.

Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items